Thatcher Farms: Where Dreams Blossom

The culmination of a 16-year journey fueled by love, our family's dream has blossomed into two exquisite venues at Thatcher Farms, nestled on our sprawling 140-acre farm. As a true family-run business, the Thatcher Family Farm transitioned in 2021 to prioritize building their first venue, Barn Swallow Fields, merging Dana's vintage decor vision with Adam's construction expertise and passion for nature. Despite this shift, our commitment to agriculture and community remains unwavering as we continue to raise cattle on our farm while also curating unforgettable events throughout the year on our multi-venue property.

A Passionate Creator of Timeless Gatherings

At the heart of Barn Swallow Fields and The Gathering House at Thatcher Farms lies a deep love for people, food, and the joy of gathering. From a young age, Dana has been drawn to the energy of being around others, finding fulfillment in connection and shared experiences.

Having fallen in love with a farmer and spent nearly two decades cultivating food for our community, the natural progression led to the creation of a timeless countryside venue, where guests are enveloped in awe-inspiring landscapes and culinary delights.

Gathering together and sharing meals are inherent to our human experience, and it's a dream come true to pair our love for food, drink, and camaraderie amidst the serene backdrop of our farm in Wellington County. Barn Swallow Fields and our newer intimate venue The Gathering House encapsulate the essence of gathering—a place where magical moments unfold under starry skies, filled with love and laughter.

Driven by a desire to curate beautiful spaces for cherished memories, our venues are a sanctuary where guests can create unforgettable experiences with their loved ones. If you seek an unparalleled experience, both venues await, where you'll simply "just know" in your heart that you've found the perfect venue to share precious moments with family and friends.

Dana's passion for vintage aesthetics and timeless design shines through in the meticulously curated decor of both venues. From the romantic red ornate sofa nestled in the corn silo, illuminated by a whimsical chandelier casting a soft glow at night, to the nostalgic floral wallpaper adorning the main wall of The Gathering House, Dana's carefully selected colour palette infuses each space with a cozy and inviting ambiance. These key pieces create the perfect backdrop for weddings and gatherings, ensuring unforgettable moments and picture-perfect settings for all who attend.

Introducing The Gathering House: A Haven for Intimate Gatherings

The Gathering House, our latest venue nestled within Thatcher Farms, slated to open its doors in June 2024. Mirroring the rustic charm and classic elegance of Barn Swallow Fields on a smaller scale, it serves as a seamless extension, ideal for large bridal suites, rehearsal dinners, and morning-after brunches, as well as standalone events such as micro weddings, milestone birthdays, and anniversaries.

5727 5th Line of Guelph Eramosa

RR1 Rockwood, Ontario
N0B 2K0

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